"BPOF" ("BLACK PANTHERS ON FIGHT") has been founded in October 2016 as a gaming clan for "Warthunder". Since the clanleader and founder was working in the past on several mofications on "Operation Flashpoint", "Armed Assault", "Armed Assault 2" and "Armed Assault 3" the management decided to take the next step an create an own commercial game.

"BPOF" or also formerly known as "Battletek" (2004-2005) or  "Battle-Arts-Company" (2006-2013) transformed to an development studio in 2020. Also the "TEAM NEMESIS" was a part of "BATTLE-ARTS-COMPANY" which included freelancers working for "BAC" this times. Since then "BPOF" is working on their first commercial project "CONSPIRACIES: JONES CREED". The CONSPIRACIES - Saga is well known by former players of the modifications for the "Bohemia Interactive" games. Still BPOF is working on ARMA-related titles such as the most expensive Mod ever created for ARMA3 of BPOF, which is the upcoming CONSPIRACIES: ORIGINS.

CONSPIRACIES: JONES CREED will use the CryEngine® by CryTek.