In April 2012, BAC ventured back into the Chernobyl setting. With Conspiracies 4, another part of the series was released. Conspiracies 4 again brought to light a modified variant of the open-world gameplay. Conspiracies 4 was based on the CTE technology from 2006 and again featured quite dated levels for the price of less game world. With just 4x4km, the world wasn't very big and still seemed dull in parts. In retrospect, Conspiracies 4 is considered one of the weakest parts of the series. A solid storyline and good soundtrack was about the only thing that Con4 could offer besides the COOP mode. However, during the development of Con4, another milestone was developed. Conspiracies Rising Dead 3.

Despite the many viewers on the videos, Conspiracies 4 remained far behind expectations with about 3000 downloads.