In December 2011, the awaited Conspiracies Apocalypse 2 was released. Unlike part 1, part 2 is no longer open-world and gives the player less freedom. There are only a few tubular levels and most of the game takes place in the Nevada desert. CA2 was much hyped from the beginning by BAC through the teasers and trailers in blockbuster format. However, with CA2, BAC was not able to attract the old, original Conspiracies players, but a lot of new players whose focus was more on regular campaigns with some sci-fi. CA2 took a completely new path story-wise compared to the previous Conspiracies parts. The story in CA2 is huge, exciting and intense, for the first time characters were described in depth and also stroytechnically cleverly used. The result was quite good. CA2 managed to be sad about digital deaths of characters in this story.

CA2 was marked by the outstanding and appropriate soundtrack of Tyler Brain. The entire story could be played COOP with up to 4 players. Another milestone in Conspiracies development. For the first time a story was planned and designed as COOP from the beginning.

CA2 is all about a Marine soldier in Nevada. The USA is under attack by unknown enemies. As it turns out, these are not only enemies of human origin. CA2 has a lot of intense cutscenes and solid voice acting. All in all, CA2 was the second most successful Conspiracies of all time. After the recreation of the development department in 2019, the download numbers were culminated at around 17000 on different platforms. However, even this title could not reach the outstanding numbers of Conspiracies Rising Dead II.