In September 2011, the next major release in the Conspiracies universe was due. When Conspiracies: Operation Evac was released in August 2011, many thought it would be a new regular Conspiracies part. But Operation Evac was only the public technical demo of Conspiracies Apocalypse. With CA, BAC took a new path at that time, without Team Nemesis and without the Chernobyl setting.

The intro starts in Russia in 1973, you are a child coming out of a bunker and a strange weapon falls near your location. Fortunately, you survive the impact and find yourself in Russia a few years later. This post-apocalyptic setting will keep Conspiracies going for another part, even if much more was planned with the setting at the beginning. CA could convince with a huge game world with a pretty good storyline and massive freedom towards the player. Here, too, you could set up your own team, just like in Operation Evac. Anomalies and radiation are also present here. For most Conspiracies fans, it was a good step to leave the Chernobyl theme behind. Conspiracies Apocalypse found some new fans because of the new setting and is considered within our company to be one of the most solid mods we have created. With update 1.02 a new game world and additional missions came into the game, as well as a COOP mode.