In June 2010, the time had come. Conspiracies Rising Dead 2 was released. Originally a port of CRD1, but CRD2 did everything better that CRD didn't do well. The game world was completely overhauled and renewed. The result was the best Chernobyl experience in the Conspiracies series to date. CRD2 had everything the Conspiracies fan wanted. A huge game world with the well-known sights of the zone, such as Prypjat, the vehicle graveyard and the power plant.

CRD2 was an outstanding success for BAC. It also saw the release of 2 DLCs, which opened up new game worlds and pushed the story forward. With over 50000 downloads on various platforms, CRD2 was the most successful Conspiracies of all time. Even one of the trailer videos was able to attract around 37000 people. In addition, CRD2 was COOP capable from version 1.1.

The 2 DLCs had a similar success. While Hidden Danger as the first DLC focused on more exploration, Call of Prypjat scored with good action. is still providing Download-links to this mod.

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