The last Chernobyl setting in the Conspiracies series to date was released in September 2012. After more than a year of development, it was time for the last big Conspiracies Chernobyl setting. For the first time in the Conspiracies series, CRD3 brought with it a completely new game world as a stand-alone map. Designed and developed as a co-op game from the beginning, it was able to captivate many old fans. Anomalies, radiactivity, mutants, stalkers, everything your heart desires was there. New features like melee attacks or the ability to jump gave the player new freedom on the completely new 100km² game world. CRD3 was the third biggest success of BAC, but also the last.

CRD3 was downloaded more than 16000 times and is still played by some people. It was by far the best Conspiracies with the Chernobyl setting on the technical side until today. In general, the Rising Dead Conspiracies have the largest share of the success of BAC during 2009-2012. But the developer studio BAC has big problems, not least because of the immense pressure to always deliver good mods. Unfortunately, the success story also ends for BAC with CRD3.