In 2009, Conspiracies Rising Dead saw the light of day. This modification for Armed Assault (ArmA) unfortunately had a huge problem. There was already Armed Assault 2 (ArmA2) on the market. Due to the long development time of the mod, it unfortunately fell out of the mondern grid of ARMA2. Nevertheless, some players tried this mod, which apart from the performance problems, admitted good feedback.

For the first time, the player was allowed to play on an 8x8km game world in Chernobyl. Meanwhile, STALKER - Shadow of Chernobyl had already been released, but players were still attracted to the setting of the Conspiracies series. Technically, CRD was a milestone and the evolution of 2006's CTE, allowing the player to choose from 6 missions, 10 side missions and more than 20 hidden missions to write their story. In addition, the player could stay overnight at any location and thus customize the time as desired. CRD brought original monsters from the STALKER series into the Conspiracies universe for the first time. Dynamic weather and the constant day-night change made this experience unique.

Nevertheless, the first CRD was not widely distributed. Due to the many technical problems with saving or poor performance, CRD did not score as well as BAC had hoped at the time. Still spoiled by the great success of the V.I.R.U.S. modification of Arma, the second big coup should succeed here, but did not. The Conspiracies series was on the verge of being abandoned. But because of the many requests for a port to ARMA2, a last attempt was started with CRD2 to start again with Conspiracies.

Unfortunately there is no working Download-link available anymore.