Shortly after CRD2 in 2010 came Conspiracies Substance. Actually designed as a test carrier next to Conspiracies Operation Evac, then quickly made into a standalone mod. Unfortunately, Conspiracies Substance could not convince on any line and gave the crew of BAC and Team Nemesis a hard damper. After the glorious success of CRD2, BAC feared that Chernobyl's time had finally come to an end. But a new mod was already in development and should complete the original triolgy of the first 2 parts. So the development of Conspiracies Part III turned out to be a nail-biter.

Sled88 had dubbed this project one of the most epic I've ever done. He should be right, but only in the technical sense. The performance of Substance was very bad. Even though it added new features like eating killed animals, warming up at fire pits etc. Substance was not convincing in any way.