Conspiracies: The Experience was released on the BI forums on August 4, 2006 and hosted by some fanbase sites. Unfortunately we can't provide you with a working link to CTE anymore, it seems to have disappeared from the scene. Nevertheless CTE was a great advancement for Conspiracies at that time. This time there were large sectors which you could change at will. Thus, the game world increased 10 times compared to the first two parts. Again in Chernobyl on the way the player could decide freely which ways he would like to go, the linear gameplay of the first parts was thus history. For the first time there were also caves to explore. Various anomalies and radioactivity are among the new features of CTE.

Conspiracies The Experience also introduces classes that either fight with the player or against the player. Furthermore there were graphical optimizations like water reflections and post process effects. Water reflections already existed in the Deluxe version of Conspiracies, but only in CTE they were really optimized. Despite the huge game world, the performance was greatly improved.

Nevertheless, Conspiracies: The Experience was considered one of the forerunners of what was to come later and goes down in history as the most successful Conspiracies part. CTE was the technical building block for all further open-world developments of then still Battletek and Battle-Arts-Company.

The experience of CTE was very mixed in the beginning. Only after version 1.2 CTE could run stable, but at this time the successor of Operation Flashpoint was already on the horizon. That's why after CTE it became quiet around the Conspiracies saga, also because with the start of the release of ARMA, the total conversion mod V.I.R.U.S. from Battle-Arts-Company and Team Nemesis came into focus and currently steered the interest of the company away from Conspiracies.

We still have an old report from an alpha-tester around we want to share with you: click

or read directly here:

"When Sled asked me if I want to test the first version of CTE I said yes. So Sled gave me the required addons and so on, and afther a few problems with the missions.sqms and so on, everything worked well. When I started OFP with the required addons, it took a long time to load. CTE uses many addons, and as in both parts before, OFP had a lot of work to do. during this time I maked a coffee for me and when I returned to my PC, the addons were loaded. I've started the missions and afther the island was loaded, the mission has began. I was supprised that I had 14 fps when I looked over the whole area, in C1 and C2 I had only frames between 2 and 7. First I looked arround and so on, afther that, I left the sector to another one an back. The team found a way to switch absolutly free between the sector, nice. In one sector I found a hind which was left and nobody was in sight, so I tried to ge closer. At a distance of 50 meters suddenly a sound appeared and with every step I get closer to the hind the sound became faster and louder. I guess this was a signal that the hind is radioactive, however I was able to stand next to him without any problems. So the hind is radioactive, but I doesn't hit the player now, maybe in a later version of the mod. Later I found a russian base, together with my new girlfriend, a Mosin Sniper, I tried to clear the base. It wasn't the bes idea, more than 15 russian soldiers run out of the base and tried to get close to me. Fortunalty I'm a fast and good sniper A few minutes later I found myselv in a wood... I heared some enemys, hovever I wasn't able to see them... when I tried to move through the wood, I saw something... first I thought it was a human, however it was not a human... When I reached the end of the wood I found a human which stand next to ship. I talked to him and he offered me somethin "special". He took me on his boat to a new sector, it was also possible to travel back to an old one. The next sector was larger than the other, a lot of enemys were waiting for me, my Mosin and my new Strela... All in one I have to say, nice work. A lot of things were better than in the old parts. Now the performance is much better than before and OFP runs now much better. There were no crashes back to the destop up to now, in the first two parts I had this usuall afther every second sector. I also like the switching between the sectors, it is also nice that new enemys apear when you switch back. Most I liked the guy and his ship. Fortunatly this guy brings you everywhere you want to go, so you don't have to walk for hours if you need something from Sector one or so on. The envoirement was also nice, hovever the AI is still able to you in the grass, so there is no real cover between several bushes. But there were also some parts I didn't liked so much, the AI is still a bis stupid, exspecially the humans. Sometimes I was able to kill a whole squad and nobody has noted that.  There are also enemys which are alone, they stand only one there position, even when I shoot at them... I'm also missing an intro, theres nothing. The player just wakes up and afther that he stands on a field next to town with a tokarev in his hands. I think a intro would be nice, because there are a lot of questions at the beginning. So this was the short version of my report, Sled, I'll send you a long version in german tomorrow."